7 comments on “Standing Up

  1. What you write is of benefit to you, Joshua. That is all that matters. Thank you for writing this.

  2. This is beneficial! I struggle with depression and weight issues. Just trying to motivate myself is a huge problem. This post tells me that every one is struggling, not just me. It may even make me get on that treadmill today instead of waiting until tomorrow, always tomorrow. I’m glad you fought within yourself to change.

  3. Awesome story. I haven’t had to deal with PTSD, but maybe someday I will, and I’ll think of this. Keep it up, that’s an incredible change. I’m sure it’s been inspiring to someone

  4. I cannot empathise as I have no experiences that compare to yours, not even remotely. But I sympathise and send you all the best vibes I can muster. This is a strong, heartfelt blog, which I find inspirational and which gives me hope. Keep on running fella.

  5. Joshua, I am very proud that I know you, and am happy that Monica shared this blog entry with me. I not only empathize, but you have accurately described my state of mind since July of 2013, except I was never in Iraq being shot at. Thank you for giving hope. Your decision to post your thoughts was correct.

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